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Tax Planning

Integrating Tax Planning with All of Your Financial Objectives
As your team of advisors grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to integrate differing expertise into a coordinated financial plan. But doing so is vital, particularly in tax planning, to achieve your financial goals efficiently.

Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management's team-based approach has been specifically designed to integrate professional tax planning with all your financial decision-making. Our independent tax consultants each have extensive experience in income tax planning for affluent families. Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management will:

Develop strategies to help reduce your total tax burden
Help you make tax-sensitive investment decisions
Provide alternative financial and legal structures to deliver tax advantages

As a result, you are free to focus on what you do best - growing your income and asset base - instead of managing the complex tax issues associated with increasing wealth.
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Executive Overview
Unlike many tax-planning services, our independent tax consultants provide proactive, forward-looking, multi-year planning. This sophisticated approach ensures a consistent, well-orchestrated impact on your financial situation, and includes quarterly tax planning meetings, payment analyses, and cash flow planning.

Whether you work with Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management's tax advisors or your own, we assist in the process to:

Implement tax-sensitive investment strategies, including diversification, hedging, and compensation planning
Optimize your income tax strategy to best support your personal estate and philanthropic plans
Reduce your overall federal, state, and local tax liabilities
Prepare your federal and state tax returns and manage any audits

For more information:
If you'd like more information about how diversified investment advisors can help you achieve your financial objectives through personalized wealth or retirement and risk management strategies, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique needs and how we may best meet them.

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