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Turning Affluence into Influence
Our philanthropy professionals help take the complexity out of the giving process. Rely on us to:

Identify and research charitable organizations that best fit your interests and priorities in giving
Design effective philanthropic structures for your unique situation and interests
Handle the administration of your major gifts
Develop family programs that inform, involve, and educate your children in your charitable activities
Maximize the social and economic benefits of your philanthropic efforts

Once your unique philanthropic strategy is in place, you'll be free to focus on the worthy causes and issues you care about, instead of the administrative details of gift distribution and management. We understand that a legacy is not just about what you want to leave behind but how you want to be remembered.

Executive Overview
Our highly-trained team of philanthropy professionals are well-versed in all the details of the giving process, and are fully prepared to help you establish, set goals for, and administer family foundations, charitable trusts, and grant-making devices. We do this primarily through three interrelated programs:

Philanthropic Diagnostic and Strategy
Compliance and Operations Management
Family Involvement and Succession Planning

These professionals work with Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management, as well as your existing advisors, to set up effective strategies for structured distribution--ensuring that these activities are incorporated into your complete financial picture.
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The Four Principles of Giving
Your Philanthropy advisors will help you develop a customized philanthropic structure built on the four principles of giving:

Transaction: Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management advisors will assist in handling the details of your charity, including designing charitable entities, delivering assets, filing IRS forms, and identifying charitable deductions
Team: Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management advisors will work with you to assemble your philanthropy team and coordinate its specific functions. Your team could include members of your family, friends, lawyers, financial advisors, CPAs, trust officers, and grant evaluators
Transference: Philanthropy is about more than writing a check. Today it's an opportunity to turn your principles, beliefs, and values into programs and projects that have impact. Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management advisors will help manage this process
Transformation: Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management advisors will monitor, measure, and analyze the effect of your gifts on an ongoing basis, giving you a clear perspective of the effect of your gifts

Secure, Online Access
Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management advisors can offer secure access to a consolidated summary of your philanthropic activities. Supported by a team of investment professionals and fueled by advanced internet technology, the Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management advisors can provide:

Philanthropic research, commentary, and involvement
An efficient medium through which to communicate with your Philanthropy "team"
Creation, hosting, and maintenance of your charitable organization's website

For more information:
If you'd like more information about how diversified investment advisors can help you achieve your financial objectives through personalized wealth or retirement and risk management strategies, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique needs and how we may best meet them.

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