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Investments & Investing

The Fundamentals of Investing

Investing, whether for personal, retirement, tax strategies or other purposes is a science of principles. Once understood, these principles can be applied, implemented and monitored regularly to enhance the greatest likelihood of success while minimizing the potential of loss. Understanding these principles is simple but not easy. The skill comes not just from the understanding of the fundamental principals but the discipline to apply them whether times are good or bad. It also requires a willingness to assess what is really occuring rather than denying, hoping or rationalizing in either favorable or unfavorable market cycles. Our diversified investment advisors keep you on track.

The Categories of Investments
The categories of investment are endless, both in terms of possibilities and in combinations of those possibilities. However, for the purposes of being able to break it down to the basics for the purposes of our readers, we are limiting these to two categories: personal (including estate, custodial, fiduciary and so on) and retirement (including IRA, 401K, 403B, pension and so on) investments. Returns on personal investments, also known as non-qualified investments for IRS purposes, are generally part of an individual's annual tax filing. Returns on retirement investments, also known as qualified investments for IRS purposes, are generally not part of the annual tax filing. By clicking on the appropriate area of interest in the left margin, we hope you will be able to gain a much better understanding of the investment possibilities available.

Providing Unbiased Solutions for Your Investment Needs
Although affluent individuals clearly understand the importance of unbiased investment decision-making in reaching their financial objectives, very few sources of objective, expert investment advice are available to you.

Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management's experienced diversified investment advisors provide unbiased advice and support--through fee-based services--that will help you:
Integrate your tax, estate, and investment affairs
Gain exposure to a wider range of investment options
Keep all of your investment information together in one easy-to-access place
Save valuable time and energy

Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management's team of diversified investment advisors has the ability to integrate key aspects of your financial life--tax, estate, and investments. Working together, we'll design a completely customized plan based upon your unique situation.

Executive Overview
Investment Advisory Services is designed to support high-net-worth individuals who:

Want a consolidated view of their investments but don't want to limit themselves to one broker and its proprietary products
Seek to achieve financial objectives concurrently, including: investment diversification, tax minimization, inheritance provisioning for their children, and wealth sharing through philanthropic efforts
Desire assistance in managing their investments with the help of multiple money managers and brokers

Comprehensive Design and Delivery
Your team of advisors will help you develop an unbiased investment management strategy by drawing on four related areas:

Strategic Planning

Coordinate with current providers
Consider estate and philanthropic objectives
Provide for long-term wealth management

Asset Class Selection

Analyze long-term history versus short-term trends
Supply diversification strategies
Manage portfolio volatility
Provide structured portfolio management solutions


Coordinate custody of client assets
Design and structure investment portfolios
Facilitate contract execution, including negotiation of fees
Effect buying and selling of large blocks of stock through our Capital Markets Group

Review and Control

Formalize investment policy
Manage taxes relating to portfolios on an ongoing basis
Monitor investment manager performance versus specific guidelines Provide quarterly reports on aggregate portfolios, each asset class, and individual investment managers

Specialized Teams
Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management adds depth to all stages of the investment process - from strategy to development and execution working with all of your advisors to offer a customized investment strategy coordinated with your tax and estate planning needs. We provide with customized, intelligently structured portfolio management solutions that incorporate your tax, estate and trust, and philanthropy plans. The group combines rigorous asset allocation with unbiased investment manager research, enabling you to preserve and grow capital.

Secure, Online Access
Through Shoreline Wealth & Investment Management's online center, you gain secure access to a consolidated, monthly view of your entire portfolio. So you can easily monitor your investment performance whenever you prefer, wherever you are. Supported by a team of investment professionals and fueled by advanced Internet technology, the Investment Center provides:

Secure, around-the-clock access to your portfolio
Tracking that monitors the intraday market activity of your current holdings
In-depth, customized reports that cover multiple aspects of your investment strategy including asset distribution, gains and losses, and investments summaries

Shoreline's Competitive Edge
Whatever your need, there are many plans and competitive rates Shoreline Wealth and Investment Management can assist you in obtaining.

For more information:
If you'd like more information about how diversified investment advisors can help you achieve your financial objectives through personalized wealth or retirement and risk management strategies, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique needs and how we may best meet them.

This page (formatted for versions 10.0 and higher of Internet Explorer) is updated regularly so check in from time-to-time to see new articles and updates. You can click on any underlined words on each page to see a specific wealth management topic in the left margin of each page.

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