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Group Insurance

Group Insurance addresses the importance of employee fringe benefits and their contribution to your business success.

Advantages for the Employer

Tax deductible (check with your tax adviser) premiums

Desirable fringe benefit for new and present employees

Reduced turnover, saving you money in hiring and training costs

Peace of mind, knowing an employee's family or heirs have funds available almost immediately in the event of the employee's death, disability or healthcare need

Increased employee security, loyalty, and morale
Advantages for the Employee
Valuable insurance protection provided at a low group rate

Right to name and change beneficiaries at any time

Waiver of Premium for disability benefit
Additional Benefits
Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Loss of Sight (24 hour coverage -- both on and off the job)

Insurance coverage for an insured employee's spouse and dependent children
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Who Pays?
The plan can be noncontributory (the employer pays the total premium), or it can be contributory (the insured employees share in the plan costs). The choice is yours.

Shoreline's Competitive Edge
Whatever your need, protecting against the costs associated with disability is an important choice. There are many plans and competitive rates Shoreline Wealth and Investment Management can assist you in obtaining.

For more information:
If you'd like more information about how diversified investment advisors can help you achieve your financial objectives through personalized wealth or retirement and risk management strategies, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique needs and how we may best meet them.

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