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Private Annuity Trusts

Private Annuity Trusts
For those with highly appreciated residential or commercial real estate investments who are looking for a strategy to avoid, defer or reduce their capital gains tax consequences, the private annuity trust offers many unique benefits.

How Private Annuities Work

1. The process begins with a property owner transferring ownership of the property to a dedicated family trust

2. The trust "pays" the property owner (annuitant) for the property

3. The payment isn't in cash but with a special payment contract called a "private annuity"

4. This private annuity promises to make payments to the annuitant for the rest of his or her life

5. After the death of the annuitant, the trust then sells the property

6. There are no taxes to the trust upon sale since the trust "paid" for the property in the form of a private annuity
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Reasons to Create a Private Annuity Trust

1. The seller of the property (annuitant) can choose deferral of annuity payments if they have other sources of income and/or don't need payments to begin immediately

2. The IRS tax code doesn't require payment of the capital gains until the annuity payments begin

3. Capital gains tax is paid to the IRS with an "easy installment plan" since only that portion of capital gains is due in proportion to the number of years the annuitan is "actuarially" stated to live (a 65-year old will, on average, live 20 years meaning the capital gains tax is paid over 20 years at 1/20 per year)

4. There is no interest or penalty on deferring payments of capital gains taxes due

5. Capital gains taxes are paid with "depreciated" dollars since the value of the dollar declines over time due to inflation

6. The balance remaining in the private annuity trust can grow at a rate greater than inflation to retain purchasing power of the balance remaining

Other Important Information on Private Annuity Trusts
1. Payments received by the seller (annuitant) of the appreciated property are based upon: 1) the age of the annuitant; 2) the net selling price of the property (actual price less any mortgages, fees or commissions); and 3) the length of the deferral, if any, until payments begin

2. Payments continue until the annuitant(s) die regardless of whether it is sooner or later than the expected (actuarial) time

3. The proceeds remaining in the trust are extremely flexible and can purchase additional real estate or more traditional stocks, bonds or money market investments

4. The annuitant can borrow from the trust

5. Believes the children will need to spend their inheritence

6. Upon the death of the annuitant(s), the estate receives the remaining balance with no taxes due

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