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Long-Term Trusts

Long-Term Trusts
A Long-Term Trust is for the benefit of children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and their descendents with distributions at their passing to future generations on a tax free basis. Not only is it possible to have the trust principal and accumulated income, which hopefully grows over time at a rate at least equal to inflation, pass transfer-tax free while offering significant creditor protection as well as distribution flexibility, money management and investment advantages.

Reasons to Create a Long-Term Trust

1. Save federal transfer taxes

2. Protect assets from beneficiaries' creditors

3. Protect assets in divorce proceedings involving a beneficiary

4. Prevent assets, such as stock in a closely held corporation, from being encoumbered or sold

5. Encourage the beneficiary to act in desired ways (by providing funds only if the beneficiary earns a certain amount of income, gets married, has children ...)

6. Discourage a beneficiary from acting in undesireable ways (not providing funds if addicted to drugs or alcohol, convicted of a crime ...)

7. Protect the beneficiary from improvidence or designing persons

8. Manage assets for a minor or handicapped individual or for someone who has become disabled due to illness or old age

9. Provide investment management

10. Consolidate voting interests in closely held entities without having to be concerned with voting trust restrictions
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Reasons to Avoid a Long-Term Trust
1. Insufficient funds to create a long-term trust and/or is not the beneficiary of a grandparented long-term trust for Generation Skipping Trust (GST) purposes

2. Does not obtain estate planning advice and does not otherwise learn about long-term trusts

3. Obtains estate planning advice, but is not informed of these options or is counseled not to use them

4. Does not care what happens to his or her assets after his or her death and/or the death of a spouse

5. Believes the children will need to spend their inheritence

6. Wants children to be able to decide what to do with assets regardless of the tax consequences

7. Does not want to tie up assets in the trust

8. Finds the subject to be too complex

9. Does not choose these options from the array of available legal and financial choices

10. Does not devote sufficient time to these options because of demands on time by occupational, recreational, religious or other matters

11. Finds the documentation too long and too complex

12. Believes that the cost of development and implementation of the trust are excessive

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Whatever your estate planning need, Shoreline Wealth and Investment Management can assist you in obtaining the best estate and legal advice available.

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